African American Funeral Programs

There is a well-spring of genealogical information contained in African-American funeral programs. The names and photos lovingly and conscientiously placed in these articles of sorrow and celebration are very important to consider in your family history search. According to the Georgia Public Library Service, “Funeral programs provide valuable social and genealogical information, typically including a… Read more “African American Funeral Programs”

The Benevolent Gentlemen: Clara Mabry Part 2

The “Benevolent Gentlemen” of 1855: As previously posted, Clara Mabry entered into a legal agreement, a deed of trust, with several prominent men of Greensville County, Virginia. Here is a breakdown of just who these men were: Joseph Turner (1811-1856) Clerk of Greensville County Circuit Court (1841-1856) John Randolph Chambliss Sr (1809-1875) Lawyer, politician, plantation… Read more “The Benevolent Gentlemen: Clara Mabry Part 2”

Who’s Getting Left Behind by Genetic Genealogy?

An article dated January 27, 2021 article from The Atlantic, The Victims Left Behind by Genetic Genealogy, is a must-read for those with even a slightly casual interest in home DNA testing. From the article: “An Atlantic analysis of more than 100 cases using this powerful new policing tool found only four involving a homicide… Read more “Who’s Getting Left Behind by Genetic Genealogy?”

The 1840 Last Will of Henry Harrison of Southampton County, Virginia

LAST WILL OF HENRY HARRISON I Henry Harrison of the County of Southampton and state of Virginia being in perfect health do make my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say1st I wish my Executors whom I shall hereafter appoint immediately after my deceased to advertise and sell all… Read more “The 1840 Last Will of Henry Harrison of Southampton County, Virginia”


Aged Record of First Emancipation Parade in Norfolk Uncovered 5,000 “Freed Men” Took Part In Great Event of 1863; Names of Langley and Cross MentionedPROCESSION ASSEMBLED ON QUEEN STREET Out of the obscurity of 63 years there came to the Journal and Guide this week through the kindness of James M. Harrison, prominent local citizen,… Read more “DAY 1: NORFOLK CELEBRATED EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION WITH PARADE”


Let’s see what information can be gathered based on this one particular photograph from July 30, 1921: W. H. Land, Walter Henry Land was born in Norfolk, Virginia in 1869. He was the son of Marshall, a “power in the Baptist ministry,” and Sophia Land nee Harris. Walter Henry Land earned his law degree from… Read more “THAT’S LAW…”

These Two Men of God

The Revs. James A. Alston (1923-1990) and Percel O. Alston (1925-1988) were sons of Rev. Robert James Alston (1895-1983) and his wife, Louise Josephine Alston nee Harrison (1898-1954). They’re also my great-uncles, brothers of my late maternal grandmother, Virginia Alston Braswell (1918-1992). I do not recall ever having met either of these men of God,… Read more “These Two Men of God”


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