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US identifies Native American boarding schools, burial sites May 11, 2022

Our Obsession with Ancestry Has Some Twisted Roots May 9, 2022

Three experts tackle challenges of researching African American genealogy at a Harvey library seminar May 6, 2022

Best DNA Test for 2022: AncestryDNA vs. 23andMe and More May 4, 2022

Henry Louis Gates touts unifying power of genealogy in Tulsa Town Hall lecture April 13, 2022

New FamilySearch tool will aid genealogical discovery March 4, 2022

Genetic genealogy leads to unexpected — and sometimes destabilizing — revelations March 4, 2022

The Best Ancestry Sites For African Genealogy Feb. 28, 2022

Sankofa Lecture Series Discusses “Challenges Of African American Genealogy” Feb. 2, 2022

Robert E. Lee’s descendant proves his lineage and pushes for ‘honest’ history of racism Feb. 1, 2022

Family genealogy quest leads to Kansas cousins Jan. 28, 2022

Across Generations: Black Americans are discovering a fuller picture of their past, aided by new tools, digitization Jan. 28, 2022

A Secret Jewish Past: Genealogist Genie Milgrom’s Multinational Journey to Uncover Her Roots Jan. 27, 2022

DNA Labs International Launches the Newest Technology for Forensic Genetic Genealogy Jan. 26, 2022

NC AAHGS Black History Month Genealogy Free Virtual Conference (Feb.5) Jan. 25, 2022

Finding Your Roots: Achieving Success in Jewish Genealogy Jan. 24, 2022

“Overview Of African-American Genealogy” To Be Live-Streamed At Switzer Library Jan. 18, 2022

African American genealogy in Indian Territory and Oklahoma presentation is Feb. 10 Jan.18, 2022

DNA for Native American Genealogy book published Jan. 16, 2022

Reconnecting relationships: uncovering genealogy in archaeology Jan. 16, 2022

Woman who researched her husband’s genealogy ‘alarmed’ after discovering they’re related Jan. 12, 2022

Atlanta Police investigators were inspired by the Golden Gate Killer case to use genealogy to solve a 26-year-old Atlanta cold case murder Jan. 4, 2022

Be thankful for the unsung genealogy heroes of the past Jan. 3, 2022

Out on a Limb: Genealogists must keep up to date Dec. 31, 2021

Your DNA Test Could Send a Relative to Jail Dec. 27, 2021

CRACKING THE CASE How JonBenet Ramsey murder mystery could be ‘solved in a matter of hours’ thanks to DNA, expert reveals Dec. 24, 2021

Genealogy goals Dec. 22, 2021

Jesus’ genealogy includes good, bad, complicated and surprising characters Dec. 21, 2021

OPINION Genealogy kits aren’t fun holiday gifts. They’re privacy violations waiting to happen Dec. 17, 2021

Next year will bring some genealogy highlights for researchers Dec. 17, 2021

Twinsburg remains found 40 years ago identified as member of The O’Jays R&B band Dec. 14, 2021

Genealogy: Who’s going to tell your story? Dec. 9, 2021

Genealogy: Where to Begin Dec. 9, 2021

DECEMBER 8, 2021, 1:22 PM ET First Man Convicted Of Murder On Genetic Genealogy Evidence Has Verdict Overturned Dec. 8, 2021

Genealogy as History, History as Genealogy: The Duality of Discovering Your Ancestors Dec. 8, 2021

Time for the annual genealogist’s gift guide | Tracing Our Roots Dec. 4, 2021

Genealogists should be mindful of big events that alter trajectories Nov. 24, 2021

FAMILY BRANCHES: Genealogists awaiting release of 1950 Census Nov. 24, 2021

How Your Family Tree Could Catch a Killer Nov. 22, 2021

Best DNA test for 2021: AncestryDNA vs. 23andMe and more Nov. 20, 2021

History found … then lost: Save time, trouble by sourcing your genealogy research Nov. 19, 2021

Preserve family stories by joining a Genealogy writing group Nov. 19, 2021

Forensic Genetic Genealogy Students Develop Hands-On Skills While Helping Solve Cold Case Nov. 12, 2021

Genealogy research tidbits and recommended websites Nov. 8, 2021

Genealogy: Search tools help find North Carolina family lines, locate an ancestor’s property Nov. 6, 2021

“Genealogy,” a comedic drama about reparations, opens at Broom Street Theater tonight Nov. 5, 2021

Best genealogy tools of 2021 Nov. 4, 2021

How millions don’t know they’re related to royalty Nov. 1, 2021

Magazine publishes list of 75 best state-focused genealogy websites Oct. 29, 2021

A collection of funeral programs is helping to trace African American genealogy Oct. 26, 2021

Genealogy Data Helps Identify Famous Serial Killer Victim Oct. 26, 2021

Inside Netflix’s Adoption Documentary Found, and One Genealogy Researcher’s Quest to Unite Families Oct. 21, 2021

A web page that should be on every genealogist’s bookmarks | Tracing Your Roots Oct. 16, 2021

Jim Moses: Involving our children in genealogy Oct. 16, 2021

You can learn about how to research Dawes Final Rolls at genealogy meeting Oct. 13, 2021

Black genealogists’ surprising findings using Ancestry’s digitized U.S. Freedmen’s records Oct. 11, 2021

Genealogy Club learns about Underground Railroad Oct. 8, 2021

FamilySearch completes microfilm digitization project Oct. 1, 2021

Cold No More: How genetic genealogy is helping solve Colorado’s cold cases Sept. 29, 2021

Newsbank’s information is a gold mine for genealogists, available through the Jefferson Parish Library Sept. 22, 2021

Genealogists find evidence of Biden’s ancestors owning slaves: report Sept. 14, 2021

Wegmans Proposal Might Disturb Slave Graves, Angers Small African American Community in Virginia Sept. 8, 2021

Tips for genealogists searching courthouse records Sept. 7, 2021

Genealogy: Stances ancestors took during Revolution complicated Sept. 4, 2021

Underground Railroad coordinators to be honored at Delavan event Sept. 3, 2021

Genealogy Products and Services Market Expected to Develop by 2027 with COVID-19 Analysis | Findmypast, Billion Graves Sept. 2, 2021

Birth registers of Black mothers from South Georgia nursing home now available online for free Sept. 1, 2021

Your guide to the ultimate family tree: How to trace your lineage back centuries Sept. 1, 2021

Ancestry to Acquire French Genealogy Firm Geneanet Aug. 31, 2021

Discovering La Famiglia: Frequently Asked Questions in Italian American Genealogy Sept. 2021

Graves in 19,000 English churchyards to be mapped online Aug. 31, 2021

Soldiers past and present remembered during Old Angus Cemetery rededication Aug. 30, 2021

Newly Digitized Freedmen’s Bureau Records Help Black Americans Trace Their Ancestry Aug. 25, 2021

Welcome to The Freedmen’s Bureau-who is nicka smith? Aug. 24, 2021

Genealogist to speak on colonial times, slavery and Quakers Aug. 24, 2021

New Research Could Help Preserve Gullah Lands Aug. 15, 2021

Genealogy magazines offer great tips to aid research Aug. 6, 2021

Family researcher discovers Bertie County ancestor’s secret Aug 5, 2021

Latest Terms Give SF-Based Ancestry.Com Rights To Users’ Photos, Images Forever Aug. 4, 2021

Genetic Test Company 23andMe Completes Merger with Richard Branson’s VG Acquisition Corp., Stock Now Trades on NASDAQ Aug. 4, 2021

MyHeritage to Acquire 90% of Filae Aug. 2, 2021

Genealogist’s work examines lives of free people of color before 1820 Jul 30, 2021

Genealogists say Leonardo da Vinci has 14 living relatives Jul 19, 2021

How genealogy is helping Cuyahoga County prosecutors solve cold cases: The Wake Up for Monday, July 12, 2021 Jul 12, 2021

Genealogy Today: Searching for ancestor who was ‘sent away’ Jul 10, 2021

Are your genealogy research notes organized? Jul 2, 2021

Wells County family learns of century-old murder through genealogy Jun 21, 2021

101 genealogy websites worth checking out Jun 21, 2021

Juneteenth is now a national holiday. How did it come to pass? June 17, 2021

Genealogists help African Americans trace lineage past enslavement June 16, 2021

Ready reference works for genealogists | Tracing Our Roots June 12, 2021

Finding Your Roots: African Americans and Genealogy, Greensboro, North Carolina Genealogy Session Premieres June 19, 2021 at 2:15PM EDT June 9, 2021

Citizen Potawatomi Nation Launches Tribal Genealogy Website June 8, 2021

Maryland to limit police use of genealogy websites June 7, 2021

Researchers claim to have sequenced the entire human genome June 7, 2021

Louisville nonprofit says descendant of slaveholder donated six-figure reparations payment June 1, 2021

Seminary Built on Slavery and Jim Crow Labor Has Begun Paying Reparations May 31, 2021

Genealogy Basics: 8 Tips for Tracing Your Family Tree Online May 28, 2021


How Detectives Caught the Golden State Killer—and Unleashed a Catastrophe for Civil Liberties May 12, 2021

‘Searching for Ancestors When You’re Adopted,’ a Talk by Dr. Penny Walters May 12, 2021

Demand for Genetic and DNA Testing Spurring Adoption of Genealogy Products and Services: Fact.MR Apr. 28, 2021

Digging for roots: Treasure trove of genealogical resources available at libraries Apr. 24, 2021

Amateur genealogist admits botched Maryland grave cleaning Apr. 18, 2021

Ancestry review: Is this popular genealogy service worth it? Apr. 16, 2021

For genealogists, making new discoveries like winning a game Apr. 13, 2021

Genealogy Products and Services Market to Witness Rapid Growth by 2027 | MyHeritage, Billion Graves,, Geneanet Apr. 8, 2021

Interested in tracing your Florida ancestors? The History Center is hosting a genealogy talk Apr. 1, 2021

Genealogy research delves into bi-racial history Mar. 26, 2021

Georgia Archives reopens for genealogy research Mar. 26, 2021

Bill creating penalties for unauthorized DNA analysis heads to final Senate panel Mar. 23, 2021

Evanston, Ill., leads the country with first reparations program for Black residents Mar. 22, 2021

Genealogy: Several records available to find, trace a new maternal line Mar. 20, 2021

Make sure these books are in your genealogy library Mar. 16, 2021

Catholic Order Pledges $100 Million to Atone for Slave Labor and Sales Mar. 15, 2021

A search for biological relatives leads an adopted woman to the FBI’s most wanted list Mar. 8, 2021

Genealogy Products and Services Market Market Progresses for Huge Profits by 2026 With Demanding Key Players Like | FAMILYSEARCH, GENEANET, WIKITREE, ANCESTRY Mar. 2, 2021

Cool And Creepy: Genealogy Site Animates Ancestors With Deepfake Technology Feb. 28, 2021

A Teenager Was Bullied. His Ancestors Saved Him. Feb. 26, 2021

Genealogists work to help African Americans break through the 1870 ‘brick wall’ Feb. 26, 2021

How to trace your roots for free Feb. 25, 2021

MyHeritage to be Acquired by Leading Private Equity Firm Francisco Partners Feb. 24, 2021

Virtual Conference to bring numbers for RootsTech 2021 Feb. 22, 2021

Virtual workshop highlights how librarians help with genealogy research Feb. 12, 2021

Ancestry—Working to Bring Black Family Histories Forward Feb. 8, 2021

Valentine’s Day is good occasion to dig into how your ancestors met Feb. 5, 2021

The Hidden Personal Cost of Genealogy Websites Feb. 1, 2021

Connecticut author encourages Black families to study their genealogy to find personal stories of tragedy and triumph Feb. 1, 2021

DeKalb History Center hosts family genealogy panel Jan. 29, 2021

The Victims Left Behind by Genetic Genealogy Jan. 27, 2021

Kunta-Kinte–Alex HaleyFoundation, Inc. Announces Genealogy Support Jan. 26, 2021

The best online tools to trace your genealogy from home Jan. 18, 2021

Where will your years of genealogy research end up? Jan. 15, 2021

Missouri Woman Believed to be Last Civil War Widow Dies Jan. 7, 2021

First World War Love Letters Found Jan. 7, 2021

Tampa Bookstore and Museum Teaches That Black History is Diverse Jan. 6, 2021

Dear Abby Dec. 31, 2020

Teen Uses Genealogy to Help Law Enforcement Agencies Dec. 31, 2020

Invaluable Connections: Genealogy… Dec. 28, 2020

Battle Creek Man Wants to Bring Genealogy to Low-Income Families Dec. 13, 2020

More US churches are committing to racism-linked reparations Dec. 13, 2020

Genealogy: Veterans History Project Important Collection for Future Generations Dec. 12, 2020

‘Roots for Kids’ Books Are a Good Way to Spur Interest in Genealogy Dec. 11, 2020

University of Virginia prof. visits enslaved ancestor’s home Dec. 11, 2020

The Road to Reparations Through Black Genealogy Dec. 11, 2020

The untold story of how the Golden State Killer was found: A covert operation and private DNA Dec. 8, 2020

MSU Libraries documents African American legislators in Mississippi with historical, online ‘Against All Odds’ exhibit Dec. 8, 2020

An Extraordinary Year of Milestones in DNA Testing Dec. 7, 2020

Watchdog calls out RCMP for exploring new genetic investigative techniques without privacy disclosures Dec. 6, 2020

A massive new effort to name millions sold into bondage during the transatlantic slave trade Dec. 1, 2020

Prince George’s will use DNA registries to solve cold cases through new DOJ grant Nov. 19, 2020

Forensic genealogy cracks cold cases amid privacy concerns Nov. 15, 2020


Don’t play favorites in your genealogy research Oct. 23, 2020

Is Genetic Testing for Genealogy Still a Growth Market? Oct. 23, 2020

Trace Your Family History at the Library Oct. 23, 2020

Why Are Americans Obsessed With Genealogy? Oct. 13, 2020

Descendants of People Enslaved by Virginia’s Governors Are Reframing History Oct. 1, 2020

Your ‘Ethnicity Estimate’ Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does Oct. 1, 2020

The controversial company using DNA to sketch the faces of criminals Sept. 23, 2020

Record Setting 2200 Attendees at Promega Virtual Symposium Sept. 17, 2020

Get Started on Genealogy Projects Now via AJC Sept. 16, 2020

Privacy Risks of Recreational DNA Testing: States Take Action Sept. 8, 2020

GEDmatch Genealogy Database Breach Sept. 4, 2020

Uptick in African American Family History Research Sept. 3, 2020

RootsTech 2021—Totally Virtual Sept. 1, 2020

The Man Without a Name-Vox on Genetic Genealogy Aug. 19, 2020

Genealogists must find creative ways to continue research Jul. 27, 2020