NEW SEGMENT: Historical Family Photos

The 1949 Wedding Party of Dr. Herbert Marshall and Hattie Harrison Original Photo Courtesy: C.M.J.

May 8, 1949

Norfolk, Virginia

From left to right:

Eliza Turner Kearney- cosmetologist of Philadelphia, PA-maternal aunt of the bride, Hattie Harrison Marshall.

Sanford Perkins-friend of Herbert Marshall. Taught business at Norfolk State with Herbert. Was a CPA and became Chair of the Business School department at Norfolk State College, now University.

Elsie Clark-mother of the groom, Herbert Marshall.

James M. Harrison-brother of the bride and business manager of sister, Josephine’s beauty school.

Hattie Harrison Marshall-the blushing bride, earned Masters of Education at Columbia University, longtime teacher in the Norfolk Public Schools System.

Dr. Herbert Archie Marshall-the groom. Taught history and related subjects at Norfolk State College, now University.

Lyman Beecher Brooks-friend of Herbert-President of Norfolk State College-noted educator.

Josephine H. McDaniel-sister of Hattie, cosmetologist and beauty school proprietor.

Clyde McDaniel, Sr..-friend and former roommate (at Va. Union Univ.) of Herbert. First full-time mathematics teacher at Norfolk State College, now University.

Jessie Smith Sydnor-friend of Hattie-taught psychology at Norfolk State College, now University–married to John T. Sydnor, well known physician from Detroit who settled in Norfolk.

As an epilogue, Hattie and Dr. Marshall were married for over fifty years before he passed away in 2002. Hattie passed away the very next year. May all of their souls rest in power.

Many thanks to my cousin, C.M.J.. who graciously furnished the original photograph and confirmed the names of the wedding party.

Family pictures are a treasure no matter the time, but especially in documenting genealogy. Let’s picture the situation…

The Genealogy Situation Room

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