Historical Family Photos: The Braswell Family

Original photo courtesy: The late Leon M. Braswell III

This wonderful family photo is courtesy of my late Braswell cousin, Leon M. Braswell III. It shows my great-grandmother, Mattie Brewington Braswell, surrounded by her seven children, including my maternal grandfather, Ira Braswell Jr.

I am not sure of the date of the photo, but I suppose that it was created sometime after 1937, when my great-grandfather, Ira Braswell Sr. had passed away.

This photo is iconic in that it is depicts all of the Braswell children and mother Mattie together in one shot. Not to say that there aren’t any more photos like this, it’s just that I have yet to see any. Here’s to hoping that more surface and to hoping that you have a special photo of all of your ancestors together in one loving frame.

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