Historical Family Photos: 1936 Wedding of Aunt Clara Braswell and James Rowland

Original image courtesy: June 13, 1936 Norfolk Journal and Guide

Aunt Clara (1909-2000), sister of my maternal grandfather, Ira Braswell, Jr. (1912-1988), had her first cousin included in her wedding party, Leona Davis (1904-1996). Leona’s the daughter of Clara’s aunt, Hattie Brewington Davis (1890-1981). Also included as a wedding principal was, Curtis Braswell (1906-1963), brother of Clara.

Clara’s husband, James Rowland (1909-1991), had a successful career in coaching and then went to law school and became an accomplished attorney, in partnership with his son.

Clara herself worked for many years as a teacher and retired with the Harrisburg school system in 1999. She is remembered very fondly by my mother.

Clara and James were married for 55 years and had two sons.

Photographs truly capture a moment in time. In genealogy, there are many clues that can be yielded from these treasures. Never stop adding them to your family history collection.

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