eBay: Potential Source of Genealogical Treasure

In case you’re not aware, eBay, at any given time, has a genealogical treasure trove of items that may potentially connect to your family tree.

Currently up for bidding on eBay:

Example of eBay items for auction/sale 03.27.21


When I search eBay for family history genealogy books, here’s what populates:

Video screenshot of eBay search results, 03.27.21

Lots of potential, eh? Again, on any given day, the results may include just what your searching for. Or, like myself, you can be on the hunt for an indeterminate amount of time hoping to find some of your family’s photos or other ephemera, and-while waiting—helping other folks find their connections.

Let’s see what we get when searching for African-American family history photos:

Video screenshot of eBay search results, 03.27.21

It’s definitely worth taking a closer look.

Regarding provenance, check with the seller with any questions on how materials may gave been sourced. Unfortunately, there are accounts of shady dealings from sellers to the sources. Do your due diligence. If something sets off your spidey senses, by all means look elsewhere.

In that vein, fish in all ponds for potential family history treasures. Leave no stone unturned.

Share your finds! Happy Hunting!

The Genealogy Situation Room

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