Whatever Happened to Sallie John Turner: A Discussion

Many thanks to Jeanne for her dedication in helping with the search and find for our family mystery involving Aunt Sallie John Turner (1880-?), of Southampton County, Virginia. Around 1896, Sallie was taken to Liberty, Missouri as a household servant to the William Frost Bishop family. Bishop was a clergyman for the Presbyterian Church. In 1936, forty years after seeing her family, Sallie’s mother, Josephine Turner Hoxey (1865-1938) placed a newspaper plea in the Norfolk Journal and Guide, she asked for any information on the location of her daughter, Sallie. Less than two years later, Josephine passed away and the mystery of Sallie remained. In 2014, Jeanne was gracious enough to share that very important newspaper article with me. We have searched for Sallie ever since. Thank you for your time and interest in listening to our discussion of “Whatever Happened to Sallie John Turner?”.

Thank you for viewing our discussion! Please see the companion guide for links to some of the topics that Jeanne and I discussed today!

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