Historical Family Photos: The Thompson-Alston Wedding of 1935 in Norfolk, Virginia

Thompson-Alston Wedding Party-1935-Norfolk, VA Courtesy: Norfolk Journal and Guide
The beautiful bride’s my maternal grandaunt (the sister of my grandmother), Mary Elizabeth Alston (1916-1989)
Paul Edward Thompson, the dashing groom (b. 1912)

Remember to check historical family photos to unlock potential genealogical clues and family connections. In checking the records, I found that one of the bridesmaids, Vivian (sp—actually Vivienne) Spratley, was the daughter of AME minister, Rev. W.E. Spratley. The bride also was the daughter of a minister, Rev. R.J. Alston. Always remember the FAN Club (Friends, Associates, Neighbors) for possible brick-wall breaking pieces of information.

This is our situation…

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