UPDATE: Jamaica and Genealogy

It was a pleasure to have that discussion with Sydian Hammond regarding Jamaica and genealogy. We learned and shared lots of great information, in terms of tracing ancestral ties to Jamaica.

As an update regarding my own ancestral lineage in Jamaica, I have found a family name in Jamaica associated with a number of my DNA matches.

According to those matches, a great many of them are Witter family descendants of Saint Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica. Other allied family names are Elliott and Powell. These are from Saint Elizabeth, as well.

Immediately, I searched for and located some really intriguing information. From the Centre for the Study of the Legacies of British Slavery:

There is a William Samuel Witter, associated with Rose Hall (in Ancestry DNA matches), Fairfield, and Carlisle—all in St Elizabeth.

Likewise, on Jamaican Family Search, there is a page full of weblinks to Witter family historical documents.


I look forward to learning more about the Witter family and Saint Elizabeth. Per the shared DNA among all of my matches, it seems that our common ancestor is from about 4 generations back. What were the circumstances? Who is the ancestor? What is the legacy?

As I learn more, I will definitely share more here.

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