The Legacy Is Not Lost

21 December 1863 Inventory of Edward P. Turner

Southampton County Court December 21, 1863 Ordered that Mark A. James, Junious R. Persons, Joseph W. Claud, and David Turner, or any of them, bring first duly sworn for the purpose, do appraise all the goods or chattels of Edward P. Turner, dec’d., and return the appraisement under their hands to the Clerk of the Court. ACopy____Teste. L.R. Edwards, CC In obedience to the above order, we make the following appraisement 1 Bed and furniture $150.00 1 Gold watch $500.00 1 Double barrel gun $100. 1 Single $25. 1 Lamp and oil $50. 5 Work oxen $1500. 4 Cows and Calves $800. 1 Harness horse $600. 1 Sulky and harness $250. 3 Whip saws $25. 3 Axes and Rule $50. 1 Bridle and Saddle $25. 4 Sows and 10 Shoals $500. 1 Set carpenter’s tools $800. Negroes Man Henry (carpenter) $5000 Woman Betsey 3 children Bettie, Lawrence, Walter $10,000 Man Jack + wife Tempie + five children, Laura, Solomon, Stephen, Pattie & Bob $6900 Woman Birt + 2 children Ginnie + Roxanna $4000 Woman Vicy? + child Mit $3000 J.W. Claud David Turner Junious Person Southampton County to wit This day personally appeared before me a Justice of the Peace in the County aforesaid Jos. W. Claud, Junious R. Persons, and David Turner+ made oath that they will appraise the property of Edward P. Turner dec’d according to the above order. Given under my hand this 29 day Jany 1864. Wm.H. Drewry J.P. Southampton County in the Clerk’s Office the 16th day of February 1864 This Inventory and appraisement of the Estate of Edward P. Turner dec’d. was this day returned and recorded. Teste. L.R. Edwards CC Will Book 18, p. 173

The list of Edward P. Turner’s “possessions” in the above 1863 inventory document first came to my attention in 2014, when I was looking for more information on my ancestor, Henry Turner.

As the years have progressed, blood ties among those named in the inventory have been revealed. DNA testing has allowed answers to questions that we have never thought to ask. Just what light has DNA and the historical record shed light on, in terms of this particular document?

Henry and Betsey were siblings, their mother was Martha Harrison/Turner.

Most recently, I have discovered that Roberta “Birt”, was a daughter of Jack and Tempie. She was listed in their household, according to the 1870 U.S. Census. Learning more, there has been the discovery of DNA matches among myself, my mother, and our known Turner cousins to those who are descendants of John/Jack and Tempie’s children (Roberta “Birt”) and Pattie.

With these developments, it is quite possible and probable that the lot of souls being inventoried actually amounts to be one extended family.

Just how were John/Jack or Tempie related to Henry and Betsey? Was Vicy (sp?) a family member, too? What happened to them all? Did they retain their family ties after emancipation?

While some of the questions have already been answered, others may never be. Even so, and in spite of so many obstructions, the legacy is not lost.


This is our continuing situation.

💫Many thanks to The Brantley Association of America and their Southampton Project. Because of their generous efforts and partnership with Southampton County Court, these invaluable historical records, now digitized, are made accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.

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