Historical Family Photos: 1893 | Virginia Baptist State Convention

11 May 1895 Richmond Planet newspaper article documenting the gathering of many Black religious leaders of the day.

Here are links about some of the interesting subjects of the May 1893 Virginia Baptist State Convention in Hampton, Virginia:

Virginia Baptist State Convention

J.C. Farley, photographer

Spiller Academy and R. Spiller

J.E. Jones

Rev. James H. Holmes

W.T. Johnson

Rev. A. Binga, D.D.

W.F. Graham

Virginia Seminary at Lynchburg

Richmond Planet newspaper archives FREE access via virginiachronicle (The Library of Virginia) ——Title: Richmond Planet Available online: 16 November 1889 – 27 December 1930 (1906 issues) Place of publication: Richmond, VA

—-Paid access via newspapers.comRichmond Planet Archives
Explore the Richmond Planet online newspaper archive. The Richmond Planet was published in Richmond, Virginia and with 11,311 searchable pages from 1889–1930.

On top of this very descriptive article, which provides rich historical and primary source documentation of all of these leaders convening for religious business, there is the slightest view and only known (so far) photo (however grainy) of my third great-grandfather, Rev. John H. Turner. That he is photographed and associated with such leading figures of his day is all the more reason to question his later obscurity.

Rev. Turner is pictured in this photo. He is surrounded by religious leaders of the day. Photo Courtesy of Richmond Planet, 11 May 1895. Photograph by: James Conway (J.C.) Farley.

As always, this is a reminder to check newspaper articles for possible information and maybe even photos on your ancestors.

This is our situation.

The Genealogy Situation Room

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