Tracing History: Slaveholders of Southampton County

In a world where there are increasingly fewer genealogy websites to reference, it was wonderful to connect with the following information, which is Southampton County Virginia USGenWeb Archives Wills and Estates Disposition of Slaves, 1782-1803.

This document was contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by:

by Von Mings Stachon (

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Many thanks to Von Mings Stachon for taking the time to compile and share this more than important information.

Here is an excerpt:

There are 158 Slaveholder names listed below - a few duplicates names (but 
different documents) since Wills and Inventory Lists are both included when
available. Data was taken from the Wills and Inventory Lists of the
individuals listed below. The originals are held by the Library of Virginia.

This list should not be considered a complete list of all slaves held during
this period in this county.

It should be noted that in many cases, the slaves were not given to a wife or
other person, but merely loaned and when that person died, the Will specified
that the slaves should go to someone else, or sold. The Slaveholder
essentially retained control of the slaves after his death.


Slaveowner Name: ADAMS, Benjamin
Document Type: Will
Document Date:12 March 1795
Slave loaned to: Margaret Adams, his wife
Slave Name: Will, negro man
Comments: Benjamin states in his Will that negro named Will is to be sold
after his wife dies.
Slaveowner Name: ANDREWS, John
Document Type: Will
Document Date:11 February 1796
Slave given to:Eliza Andrews, his daughter
Slave Name:Bob, negro
: Lucky, negro
: Frank, negro
: Joham, negro
: Phillis, negro
: Joe, negro
Slave given to: Lucy Andrews, his wife
Slave Name: Tom, negro (to be sold)
: Ted, negro (to be sold)
Given to: Estate: Coffee, negro man
Comments: Coffee, negro man, is to be sold to pay debts.

Slaveowner Name: TURNER, Benjamin
Document Type : Will
Document Date : 9 Oct 1783
Slave given to : Rebecca Turner, his daughter
: Phillis, negro
: Fanny, negro
: Minga, negro
: Nancy, negro
: Molly, negro
Slaves given to: Will and Joel Turner, his sons to share equally
: balance of negroes (quantity and names not shown)
Comments: Benjamin states that slaves are not to be sold.
Slaveowner Name: TURNER, James
Document Type : Will
Document Date : 15 May 1797
Slave given to : Nancy Turner, his daughter
: China, negro girl
Slave given to: Edmund, Benjamin, & Nancy; his children (to share equally)
: balance of negroes (names and numbers were not
Slaveowner Name: TURNER, Willie
Document Type : Will
Document Date : Dec 1794
Slave loaned to : Lucy Turner, his mother
: Button, negro
: Bett, negro
: Fanny, negro
: Sarmon, negro
: Sam, negro
: Isham, negro
: Wallis, negro
: Mason, negro
: Charlott, negro
: Jinny, negro
: Grape, negro
: Abel. megrp
: Hannah, negro
: Lucy, negro
: Pleasant, negro
Comments: After Lucy dies, slaves go to John Wesley Turner "as his proper
right and title".
Slaveowner Name: VICK, James
Document Type : Will
Document Date : 15 Apr 1796
Slave lent to : Sarah Vick, his wife
: Cale, negro
: Charles, negro
: Fan, negro
: Jacob, negro
: Pompey, negro
: Milly, negro
: Rose, negro
: Peg, negro
: Sal, negro
: Lendy, negro
: Archer, negro
: Lucy, negro
Slave given to: Mary Worrell, his daughter
: Chainey, negro girl
Slave given to: Lydia Worrell, his daughter
: Med, negro boy
Slave given to: Tabitha Vasser, his daughter
: Edy, negro girl
Comments:After Sarah dies, or marries, slaves to to Parks N. Vick, her son.

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