Genealogy News and Reflections of 2021

As we move forward, we look back at the genealogical stories that made the news in 2021.

Here are the articles as shared here on The Genealogy Situation Room:

Genealogy News Page

Dec. 28, 2021 The New York Times Magazine

Your DNA Test Could Send a Relative to Jail

A very important article on the implications of DNA testing…

November 15, 2021 The New Yorker

How Your Family Tree Could Catch A Killer

Again, the implications of DNA testing are laid bare.

Recent news items on the Genealogy News page

As simple as this to access genealogy news…

To learn more about genetic genealogy updates, consider these sites:

DNAeXplained by Roberta Estes

The Legal Genealogist by Judy G Russell

Segment-ology by Jim Bartlett

With respect to whom we lost this year, I offer my continued condolences to the families. Especially remembering very special cousins:

Clyde McDaniel Jr

James H Rowland Jr

2021 has been a year of many challenges for many people. Honestly, it is a leisure to pause and reflect about family history while so much about is in a whirlwind.

Even so, with the present being in clear focus, the past being a salient memory, and the future being a hopeful dream, we continue. This is our situation.

Happy New Year!

The Genealogy Situation Room

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